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I also offer my skills as a a songwriter. check out my lyrics in german and english ! here´s some samples: 

nur noch (vocals & lyrics aurel).mp3 nur noch (vocals & lyrics aurel).mp3
Size : 4.728 Kb
Type : mp3
wohin damit (voc & lyrics aurel).mp3 wohin damit (voc & lyrics aurel).mp3
Size : 2.643 Kb
Type : mp3

> This is just a random selection. more of my music at myspace.com/anatolio

bliss (love never dies) lay.mp3 bliss (love never dies) lay.mp3
Size : 3.937 Kb
Type : mp3
orkestra (swing is how u walk).mp3 orkestra (swing is how u walk).mp3
Size : 9.831 Kb
Type : mp3
place inside of me.mp3 place inside of me.mp3
Size : 4.116 Kb
Type : mp3

Here´s some news: 

I am currently working on an album with only UKULELE SONGS on it. 

any ideas for lyrics? ideas (and donations) are very welcome ! : )


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