> Screenwriter + Director


> currently writing a treatment for TATORT MÜNSTER /Bavaria Fiction)

> My feature screenplay "ABOUT MÜLLER" received double film funding in Hamburg (FFHHSH / Moin Filmförderung). 

> our screenplay for a cinema movie debut "WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN" received film funding twice in Hamburg. Co-wrote that one with Steffen C. Tralles.

Keep on writing!

CV Aurel Bantzer 2010 english.pdf CV Aurel Bantzer 2010 english.pdf
Size : 740.039 Kb
Type : pdf

this is how I work.


Magic Days - Pitch II.pdf Magic Days - Pitch II.pdf
Size : 866.125 Kb
Type : pdf
Dating -Dialogszene von Aurel Bantzer.pdf Dating -Dialogszene von Aurel Bantzer.pdf
Size : 110.613 Kb
Type : pdf
FAMILIENSACHE - Tragikomödie.pdf FAMILIENSACHE - Tragikomödie.pdf
Size : 716.188 Kb
Type : pdf
Krimi_Herz+Handschellen_Sat1 -Folge MANNI.pdf Krimi_Herz+Handschellen_Sat1 -Folge MANNI.pdf
Size : 630.76 Kb
Type : pdf

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